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Don’t hurry to buy a new metal door – this may be simply the fault of the lock! Our locksmith specialists will come to you and help you replace damaged locks for both interior and exterior doors in any building. Our experienced “Atslēgu meistars” specialists will help to replace wooden door, metal door and even safe locks or help to repair the existing ones.

Every day we open the doors of the house open and close them many times, so it is obvious that after some time the parts of the internal mechanism of the door locks wear out and the existing core or cylinders in it no longer work as well as at the time of installation. Sometimes just maintenance and lubrication of the mechanism help, but sometimes several parts or even the entire lock need to be replaced. Often different kinds of damage occur to exterior door locks that are affected by the environment – humidity, cold and temperature changes, therefore the metal doors of private houses require more regular maintenance. After some time, it is unfortunately necessary to replace or repair any lock, because even very high-quality mechanisms wear out over time.

There are as many different doors as locks. We offer a wide selection of locks from such reliable manufacturers as Securemme, Multulock, Moturaa, Tesa and many others. Thanks to the wide range, we can offer the most suitable solution for your metal door, providing a 2-year warranty for all locks.

Practical experience shows that exterior door lock replacement is necessary every couple of years, but to extend its lifetime and decrease wear out period, especially if you use a metal door, regular and high-quality maintenance is needed. As well as this, follow the operation of the door lock and detect the problem in time. If you notice that it is difficult to close the door, the key sticks or the mechanism turns very hard, then definitely consider lock replacement to solve the problem in time, without waiting for the lock to get stuck completely.

Our locksmith specialists will help you find the most suitable key and lock for your metal door, bearing in mind both the door thickness and the environment, so that the lock works perfectly and its replacement is needed no earlier than after two years