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Almost all car owners may need to open the car door mechanically if it is accidentally locked or broken. Sometimes the door may slam or get stuck when you are close to home or work, but sometimes this technical problem can appear when you are miles away, when technical support can only be provided by a professional locksmith SOS service.

The reasons why you may need auto locksmith service can be different: 

  • mechanical damage to car electronics;
  • loss car keys or their accidental lock inside the car;
  • discharged car battery;
  • car doors and locks frozen in winter;
  • mechanical damage to the car lock or key. 

The above-mentioned situations are just some of the possible ones that we cannot anticipate and that may surprise us most unexpectedly. In a busy daily life, such a problem can bring a lot of complications, that’s why fast and high-quality help is important. It is important that the specialists not only know how to open the door, but do it carefully without damaging the car. 

Auto locksmith services should be performed especially carefully. Locksmith specialists can use drills and breakers for opening metal residential doors; however, auto locksmith must be performed very carefully, using only special tools that will not damage the windows, locks and the body of the car. 

Because of our technical support, your car will be in safety – the locksmith specialists will do everything carefully and precisely, providing high-level service. No matter how expensive, modern or used your car is, we will take care of it, focusing on work with maximum attention. Don’t support the idea of breaking the car window to reach the lock – we will be able to unlock the door using more accurate methods. Broken window means a lot of complications – window replacement, collecting broken glass, unsafe driving for the rest of the day, and other inconveniences. If you call us, you will get a fast and safe service. As soon as the experienced team of “Atslēgu meistars” have performed auto locksmith service jobs, there won’t be any visible signs left on your car, no lasting consequences will be visible on your car. 

If auto locksmith service is needed, you have to turn to the experienced specialists, who are able to open car doors as well as do this job carefully and with no additional damage to your car.