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Safe locks are especially secure and sophisticated, so if they break, get stuck or the key is lost, they can only be opened by professionals. Thanks to modern equipment, we can open various types of safes, where both regular, mechanical locks and electronic locks are used. Even the simplest safe opening is a time-consuming process that requires more skills and patience than opening regular locks, but no matter how complicated the locking mechanism is, we will be able to open your safe in a short time. We are able to open various safe locks, for example: 

  • Combined high-security fireproof safes;
  • Fireproof safes – protect their content from high temperatures;
  • High-level security safes – designed for maximum protection against intrusion;
  • Built-in safes – for better protection, they are integrated into a floor or a wall, usually with low fire protection;
  • Cash registers – with a high level of protection, located in banks or other financial institutions;
  • Furniture safes – small in size, so there is a wide range of installation options;
  • Living room safes – a wide range, for easy use;
  • Weapon safes – designed for storing guns and firearms;

Electronic safes – safes with a code or fingerprint key.

We usually store valuable things and jewelry in safes, therefore, when opening safes, locksmith specialists must be especially careful that neither the safe nor its contents get damaged during the opening process. Safe security systems are much more sophisticated than regular keys. In order to open them, it is necessary to know both the design of the safe and the structure of the lock to estimate from which side and how it is better to open it. The safe opening locksmith specialists must be not only experienced, but also careful and patient. Safes must be opened with the jeweler’s precision so as not to damage the safe structure, the lock mechanism and the valuables in it. 
As we seldom use safes, one of the most common problems why safe opening is needed is the forgotten code or the lost key. Sometimes this is the fault of a worn-out lock, but nowadays all these problems can be solved. A good specialist can open any safe using the right tools and knowing the structure of the safe. Our experienced and competent experts have 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge of how to do specific jobs. Whatever the problem is – whether the lock is worn or the key is lost or you have forgotten the electronic safe code, we will be able to help you. The competence of our specialists allows to open safe metal doors, restore the security mechanism, replace the lock and recode the security code of the electronic safe.

Our specialists will come to you as soon as possible, estimate the amount of work, prepare a cost estimate and perform the previously discussed actions. Our emergency locksmith SOS service specialists are available 24/7, including the weekend to take care of you and your security.
After successful safe opening lock replacement is recommended to avoid similar accidents in the future. Depending on the type and specification of the safe, it is possible to find a suitable lock and mechanism or to repair the existing damage so that the safe can continue to function properly.