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Our enterprise “Atslēgu meistars” offers not only any type of metal door opening, but also high-quality metal door repairs and refinishing to replace damaged locks by the new, safer and more durable ones. If necessary, we also perform general door maintenance and thermal bridge replacement. 

Today, many metal entrance doors are filled with mineral wool or other thermal insulation, which helps protect the house from extra heat loss. Sometimes a worn-out residential metal door requires only a little care and maintenance to regain its original look. 

If the door only needs a standard refinishing, then we can do it in less than 24 hours, so as not to leave the house without the main door for a long time. During the restoration of the metal door, we will perform the following steps:

  • we will arrive as early as possible to complete the refinishing by the end of the same day;
  • we will dismantle the door and take it to our workshop;
  • if necessary, the old locks will be replaced;
  • we will reglue new decorative coating optionally, depending on your preference;
  • if necessary, we will also replace the door thermal bridging.

When refinishing residential metal doors, our specialists use only high-quality materials, working carefully and responsibly. When you get the refinished door, you will be astonished – it will look like new, but you will have invested much less than buying new ones. As well as this, refinishing the door, you will also increase the security level of your house, because we will find modern and durable lock systems for the old doors, improving door security.

If you want to refresh or repair a residential door, feel free to contact our door repair specialists to discuss the existing defects and shortcomings in more detail, to agree on a cost estimate and see the old door as a new one a day later! Our experienced specialists will repair or replace the lock and perform other improvements – restore the hinges, handles and even the door coating, which will allow the door to serve safely for many years!