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Emergency locksmith SOS service

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Emergency locksmith SOS service – all types of locks and doors locksmith

Statistics show that everyone at least once in their life has experienced a situation when he could not  enter his property, open a car or safe because of damaged locks or lost keys. Such situations are especially sad when because of the stuck doors and locks you have to stay out or cancel an important meeting as access to important documents and contracts is blocked. Usually, such cases are not planned, so they can cause frustration and make people insensible. Do not panic or act unthoughtfully trying to break a lock or get into house on your own breaking out a window. It is better to call emergency locksmith SOS service specialists who open locks professionally. 

Situations when emergency locksmith service is necessary

Damage to door locks can appear because of different reasons. We have summarized the information on the most common cases. 

• Damages caused by weather conditions.

 Houses, as well as car locks, are constantly affected by the environment. Moisture, frost and wind can seriously damage lock mechanisms, as a result locks can get stuck and repair or locks replacement may be needed.

• Service life has expired. 

Each device and mechanism have their own service life and it is only obvious if, after a few years of overdraft, locks start working worse. 

• Fires. 

If there is a fire that has not been stopped in time, the hopes that the flames will not have destroyed everything on their way are fragile. Exceptions are fireproof safes, which are specially designed to maximally protect the contents of the safes from the effects of extreme temperatures. The steel structures of such safes  are fire-resistant. Locks can be damaged, though. 

• Malicious damage. 

Emergency locksmith SOS service specialists often see deliberate and malicious locks damage. No one is protected from the actions of thieves, but emergency locksmith service may also be necessary as a result of children’s games, for example, putting matches and other small objects inside locks.  

• Electronic error. 

Electronic type locks have become common these days. They are easy to use, as there is no need to worry about carrying a physical key. Most of these locks are for cars and safes, less often for home exterior doors. However, electronics may also malfunction and fail, making it impossible to unlock the lock in a regular way. 

Also, quite often emergency locksmith SOS service is needed if the keys are lost or the unlock code is forgotten. 

Why it is important to entrust professionals with door opening? 

Opening suck locks is a thorough and accurate process that requires the jeweller’s precision, specific knowledge and equipment. To open a high-quality locking mechanism, such as a safe or an exclusive vehicle door, it is certainly not enough to have a theoretical idea of the principles of operation of the locks and the construction of the locks. Quite often, opening well-protected locks without causing serious damage is not possible even for certified locksmiths. That is why it is important to entrust specialists with emergency locksmith service for the stuck or damaged doors and locks as they deal with it professionally on a daily basis. The emergency locksmith SOS service experts of the enterprise www.atslegumeistars.lv have more than  15-year experience and all the necessary equipment for different typess of locksmith service. The company’s customers include both owners of apartments and private houses, as well as owners of expensive cars, banks and jeweller’s workshops. The door is opened quickly but carefully, as far as possible without damaging the lock. However, in cases where the only possible solution is to drill the locks, after opening the door, the locks replacement is immediately performed by our locksmith specialists. The enterprise provides 24/7 emergency locksmith SOS service (currently emergency locksmith SOS service is available only in Riga and Riga Riga neighbourhoods).

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