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Do you need to open a safe?

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Do you need to open a safe? Where can you get help?  

Although financial experts admit that the bank is the safest place to keep money, some people still prefer to keep their money, valuables and artwork in a safe installed at home. This gives you the advantage of having access to your savings and valuables at any time without intermediaries. There are also items, such as firearms, for which the safe is the only legal place to keep them. Bearing in mind the value of the content stored, safes are designed to protect against unauthorized opening. However, there are cases when the owners of high security solutions are captured by them themselves. Loss of keys is the most common reason when manual safe opening will not be possible. What can you do in such situations?

The locksmith skills alone will not be enough

There are no crashproof mechanisms, the only question is how long and by what means it can be done. High-quality safes are made of thick steel constructions and complicated locking systems, so that their breaking would not be possible for regular thief or a specialist with the basic locksmith skills. Depending on the planned use and the desired level of security, safes are divided into ten categories according to their level of security (the higher the category, the higher the level of security). Safes with a higher level of security are usually installed in banks, jewellery stores or institutions that work with sensitive and confidential information, lower security level safes are suitable for private use. However, a lower security category  not always means that opening of such a safe is simpler. For example, after forgetting the code combination, several employees of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (Latv. – KNAB) had been trying to open the fourth security level safe owned by Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs for several weeks until they finally succeeded after thorough drilling and sawing. Situations when safe opening is necessary can be different (lost or stolen keys, damaged locks), but it is important to remember that the most professional and prompt emergency locksmith service for stuck safe doors will be provided by experts who regularly deal with it. Emergency locksmith SOS service specialists from the enterprise www.atslegumeistars.lv are one of them. 

Is it also possible to open an electronic lock? 

Depending on the type of use, safes with mechanical and electronic locks are available. There is no one answer, which type locks is better – each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Safes with a mechanical lock are more resistant to weather conditions, such as extreme cold, atmospheric pressure and they do not require batteries. The advantage of electronic lock safes, on the other hand, is that you do not keys. Bearing in mind that electronic locks are opened using a combination of codes, the digital chain must be remembered. If the safe has not been used for a while, the code combination may be forgotten, which means that it will not be possible to open the safe. In this case  emergency locksmith SOS service specialists perform electronic safe opening. 

How is safe opening performed? 

Bearing in mind the complex design of safe mechanisms, safe opening is a delicate and thorough process that requires not only the right equipment and tools, but also knowledge and skills. Also, do not compare the opening of safe locks with the unlocking of the exterior doors of apartments or private houses – safe locks are much more complicated, with additional protection mechanisms and security solutions. There are cases when even experienced locksmiths work for several days to open the safes, so it would be silly to trust  someone who is not an expert in this field. The emergency locksmith SOS service specialists from www.atsleguserviss.lv have all the necessary equipment to perform high level security safe opening, electronic lock recoding and  lock replacement.

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